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Omnisexual Flag

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💕Omnisexuality: is a sexual orientation where the individual recognizes and is attracted to people of all sexes, genders, and gender identities, with gender as a factor in their attraction.

🤩The light pink and light blue represents the gender spectrum. Pink represents attraction to femininity and women. Blue color represents attraction to masculinity and men. The deep purple (sometimes depicted as black) represents attraction to people whose gender identity falls outside of the named categories.

🏳️‍🌈All flags are HUGE (3x5)ft & come in discreet packaging.

🍃Sustainably made from recycled materials.



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Commited to the LGBTQ+ Community

At Pride Palace, we hope to serve as an example to all companies out there who want to exhibit active allyship and celebrate pride 365 days a year. How are we doing this? By providing education, amplification, and most of all, donations every month to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Charitable Donations

A percentage of all proceeds from this page will be donated to the organizations that we have and continue to stand behind. Not only do you get your free pride flags, but you’re supporting an amazing causes at the same time!

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We are all placed in the world for a purpose. At Pride Palace, we believe that purpose is to spread love, acceptance, and support to all. Love is a human right, and at Pride Palace, we believe everyone deserves to be loved. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gwendolyn Shuler

I really want this, but it's sold out and I'm super sad. I have yet to figure out how to buy stuff online because I'm 16 and don't have the money for cool stuff like this! I'm trying to save because gas prices are really high now, but maybe if I find a gift card or get money online somehow, I'll be able to get it! I'm sad that it's sold out, but so happy to see that people are becoming more aware of Omnisexuality existence! Thank you! <3

I am so greatful

I really appreciate you are making this free during pride month! I almost purchesed it myself, but my mother would be confused. So I just got my accepting step-mother to get it! And I would just love to share my appreciation. I'm glad I saw the ad.

Sasha Johnson
Finally Representation!

I recently had such a nice sit down with my little sister as she told me about her change from bisexual to omnisexual and all about what it means so when I saw pride flags the first thing I looked for was this flag. I'm sad it's sold out but I hope it comes into stock soon. I'm a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and I want to be a big supporter of my sister in all aspects of her life.



Amy Cossette
So happy!

Hi there! First of all, sorry if this isn't very helpful of a review but I haven't yet bought this product. However, I do want to say how happy and grateful I am! I sent in an email last time I saw the ad, saying how sad I was that Omnisexuals never have any representation on pride sites as we are less known about. They got in touch with me quickly to say that they didn't know about us (which is pretty common). I had hoped that my email would be taken seriously and I am so glad that it has! This is the most excited I have been in a long time from an ad!! 😁😁 Thank you! Thank you! This is wonderful!!!!