Demisexual Pride Flag - Pride Palace
Demisexual Pride Flag - Pride Palace
Demisexual Pride Flag - Pride Palace
Demisexual Pride Flag - Pride Palace Demisexual Pride Flag - Pride Palace Demisexual Pride Flag - Pride Palace

Demisexual Pride Flag

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Feel Beautiful, Feel Pride.
All flags are 3ft by 5ft and are packaged using recyclable materials that don't harm our planet.
If you are not out yet, are scared to buy a flag or any other reason holding you back, DON'T WORRY! All orders come in discrete packaging.
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When you order your pride flags, you are making more than just a small purchase. You are making a step forward towards change. You are deciding to be proud of who you are and you are deciding to join a community of beautiful people that keeps growing and flourishing.

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Pride Palace is an inclusive community with one clear goal in mind: To achieve equality by raising awareness and spreading love.


💕Demisexual: little or no capacity to experience sexual attraction until a strong romantic connection is formed with someone, often within a romantic relationship.

🤩 The black chevron represents asexuality, gray represents gray asexuality and demisexuality, white represents sexuality, and purple represents community.


Customer Reviews

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Love it, don't change it.

The triangle representing the capital D is fairly straightforward and obvious once you know what the flag is for and not out of place on a flag. The single colored line in the white/pale grey field represents "the one" Also I love that it's purple. I'd add to the definition that demisexuality is closely related to fierce monogamy, also demis may or may not "mate for life". I'd like to get this in a heavy duty outdoor material in a 1:1 ratio (square) with grommets for flying at sea (or near)

Carson Crucio
Nice and big

Way bigger than I was expecting - which was a nice surprise! Looks exactly as expected. No damages. A little translucent. Took a very long time to arrive. Would buy again.

Violet R.
Im very pleased with this flag

Im very pleased with this flag and it looks awesome on my wall! \m/

Rhian E.
perfect as a a wall design

Beautiful and perfect as a a wall design

Slater Y.
bigger than I expected

Flag was both bigger than I expected and was not as see-through as expected though I hoped it wasnt!!