The Projects We Support

The Projects We Support

There is no denying it: We are going through a Civil Rights movement bigger than anything seen in recent times. The people’s demands, the protests, and the social media campaigns have shown that serious changes need to be made. We need a world filled with love and compassion rather than hate and division.  Discrimination towards marginalized groups needs to stop. While raising awareness and demanding change is crucial to the movement, our actions are even more critical. At the end of the day, if we don’t make a change ourselves, then how can we have any expectations for everyone else? 

Like every other movement, the key component will be supporting each other, and the best way to do that is to help projects that are taking a stance against racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and every other form of discrimination that has plagued our communities for so long. Well, we have good news. By supporting Pride Palace, you have already been helping create change! In our effort to raise awareness and take personal steps toward change, Pride Palace has donated to different companies and nonprofits every month. And, by being a part of our community, you support them too! So without further ado, these are the organizations that we have and will continue to stand behind:


Pride Palace remains committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and organizations. We hope you will go check out these organizations to further learn how you can help create a more equitable future. Stay tuned for more donations!


  • Jenn

    Hey all! I received four different flags. I am an Ally. I am the mother of two daughters- one happily married to her loving wife and the other one just loving who she loves. I am a teacher and a strong supporter of all of my students. I am also a “Free Mom Hugs” mom.

  • Kathy

    In support of pride month and lgbtq rights i proudly fly my flag. Thank you.

  • Dawn Hurt

    Awesome is all I can say.

  • Leanne

    My trans son and I are huge supporters of Pride Palace! We have received flags and rings – so sorry to hear about the person who didn’t receive theirs! :( They are not scammers! Likely just delayed in the mail. I’m sure they will show up soon! Thank you for doing what you do Pride Palace! 🌈💜

  • Imogen

    I love LGBTQ+ because I am bisexual myself
    but when I ordered two of there pride ring they never came so I figured out that it is a scam so please everyone don’t order from here because they are just trying to get you personal information
    Thank you

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