There is no denying it: We are going through a Civil Rights movement bigger than anything seen in recent times. The people’s demands, the protests, and the social media campaigns have shown that serious changes need to be made. We need a world filled with love and compassion rather than hate and division.  Discrimination towards marginalized groups needs to stop. While raising awareness and demanding change is crucial to the movement, our actions are even more critical. At the end of the day, if we don’t make a change ourselves, then how can we have any expectations for everyone else? 

Like every other movement, the key component will be supporting each other, and the best way to do that is to help projects that are taking a stance against racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and every other form of discrimination that has plagued our communities for so long. Well, we have good news. By supporting Pride Palace, you have already been helping create change! In our effort to raise awareness and take personal steps toward change, Pride Palace has donated to different companies and nonprofits every month. And, by being a part of our community, you support them too! So without further ado, these are the organizations that we have and will continue to stand behind:


Pride Palace remains committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and organizations. We hope you will go check out these organizations to further learn how you can help create a more equitable future. Stay tuned for more donations!

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please post
Save the Date!
NATIONAL MARCH & Speakout forTrans Lives
SAT OCT 19>2024-Columbus Ohio
Join us!
Help organize a national protest to push back the far right attack on trans people, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, immigrants, Palestinians and all workers.
Bodily autonomy for all, including abortion rights.
We say fight back!
We won’t go back!
Labor donated 4/24
Initiated by Protect Trans Lives Coalition
Volunteer & endorse at

— Lizz Toledo

These donations and amounts are from 2020, do you continue to make donations? Or is all the money you’re collecting going into your pockets now? Please update

— kycelium

This is so very important as someone in the community I thank you all!:)xoxo HAPPY PRIDE MONTH 2024

— Lydia Patterson

After a very successful inaugural event, the Township of East Brunswick will be hosting it’s 2nd Annual “Pride at the Pool” event on Friday, June 14. It will once again to be a family-friendly event meant to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in our area.

We are looking to make this event as fun as possible, providing our residents with a night swim at our township pool, music, activities, gift bags, and door prizes. We are looking for organizations and businesses that would like to partner with the Recreation Department for this event. We are asking for item donations to be used in our raffle to help us make this the best event it can be. All donors will be listed on our event website.

Thank you for your consideration in helping us foster a healthy and safe environment for the town’s LGBTQ+ community!

— Nicole Golden
I am already a customer. Are you a non-profit, donating all profits to the various organizations that you list? Or do you just donate a percentage.
— Jón Cross

Hey all! I received four different flags. I am an Ally. I am the mother of two daughters- one happily married to her loving wife and the other one just loving who she loves. I am a teacher and a strong supporter of all of my students. I am also a “Free Mom Hugs” mom.

— Jenn

In support of pride month and lgbtq rights i proudly fly my flag. Thank you.

— Kathy

Awesome is all I can say.

— Dawn Hurt

My trans son and I are huge supporters of Pride Palace! We have received flags and rings – so sorry to hear about the person who didn’t receive theirs! :( They are not scammers! Likely just delayed in the mail. I’m sure they will show up soon! Thank you for doing what you do Pride Palace! 🌈💜

— Leanne

I love LGBTQ+ because I am bisexual myself
but when I ordered two of there pride ring they never came so I figured out that it is a scam so please everyone don’t order from here because they are just trying to get you personal information
Thank you

— Imogen

Hi everyone, I’m Donna and I’m a straight female. I am an ALLY!! So happy! I am working with some friends to get a PRIDE PARTY in Lamar, Colorado this summer 2023! A Southeastern corner of Colorado!! So, So Excited!!!

— Donna

Hey guys im Phoenix im proud to be part of pride palace i saw this place on facebook and checked it out im bisexuly and non-binary

— Phoenix

Hello my name is Mark and would like to say happy pride month and like to be part of pride palace Thank you

— Mark

I support LGBTQ+ because I’m Bi myself and it’s great to be Bi I love it so so much!!😊❤️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️👌🏻✌🏻😁😁

— Ray

Keep up the good work y’all, y’all are absolutely wonderful! Together we can make real change for the better in the world! Happy PRIDE forever y’all!!! 🌈❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

— Isabelle Heart

Please support our work in Seattle WA at

— Jean Craciun

I would love to be a part of Pride Palace; there isn’t any organization around Angus, ON near CFB Borden. I’m a CAF veteran of 28 yrs and a civilian Officer working on the Base for 10+ yrs. I’d like to see more work around the Base for the LGBTQ2S. I am already a member of any organization that is Not for profit and I’m used to doing the grunt work to be effective in our small community.

— Debra Wiken

Happy pride everyone stay positive and safe out there. Spread love no matter what race, religion or color you guys are.

Thank you


Happy Pride Everyone! 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

— Emma

Thank you for the info and for all of the work you do! Can’t wait to get my flag! It’ll be in our window year round, not just for pride month <3

— Kel

Recientemente salí del closet como una chica Pan 💕🌸

— Maida Neumann

I wasn’t aware of the contributions you’ve been making until now. Thank you for being such wonderful members of our global community!
May I make a recommendation for a future contribution? TransCanWork ( is a Los Angeles based 501©(3) non-profit that focuses on helping employers to understand trans individuals and become better allies, and on helping members of the trans community to find employment. The largest problems facing the trans community are housing, employment, substance misuse, and suicide. You’re already a contributor to the Trevor Project. Would you consider contributing to TransCanWork, too?
(Note: I am not associated with TransCanWork. I just greatly admire their work.)

— Michelle Leah

I just ordered a black trans lives matter hoodie, I’m so excited! Thanks for making these amazing products <3

— Olivia