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Feel Beautiful, Feel Pride.
All flags are 3ft by 5ft and are packaged using recyclable materials that don't harm our planet.
For a limited time only, all of our pride flags are buy one get two free. That means that you get three flags for the price of one!

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If you are not out yet, are scared to buy a flag or any other reason holding you back, DON'T WORRY! All orders come in discrete packaging.
All orders benefit LGBTQ+ Charities. For more information, visit our Donations Page!

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When you order your pride flags, you are making more than just a small purchase. You are making a step forward towards change. You are deciding to be proud of who you are and you are deciding to join a community of beautiful people that keeps growing and flourishing.

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Express your pride in any way you want. Because our community needs to unite if we want to end the inequality and hate we face.
Pride Palace is an inclusive community with one clear goal in mind: To achieve equality by raising awareness and spreading love.


💕Bigender is a non-binary gender identity in which someone has two distinct gender identities. 

🤩Bigender people do not have to experience both genders in equal amounts. One or both of their genders could be fluid or fluctuating, in which case they may identify as bigenderflux.

🏳️‍🌈All flags are HUGE (3x5)ft & come in discreet packaging.

🍃Sustainably made from recycled materials.

Customer Reviews

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Sam H
good flag, long shipping time

Good quality flag, no complaints. the shipping took a bit longer than expected but overall good experience.

good flag! Survives dog assault.

good quality flag. Very nice. My destructive dog got ahold of it multiple times while I couldn't hang it up and there's literally not a mark on it. Four stars because it took FOREVER to come but other than that I have no problem with it. 10/10 flag, 4/10 shipping