World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day
Autism Awareness Day


  • Ciara/Ciaran/Clover (she/they)

    As an autistic pansexual demigirl, seeing this on my favourite pride blog makes my heart sing. I’m so happy to see that there is being awareness for people like me being put up on blogs for our wonderful community of people of all walks of life. I’m so happy to see that you are using the infinity sign as that is the non-ablest symbol of autism (although don’t go after autistic people who still use the puzzle piece, as it is their choice whether to use it or not. Most of us just usually prefer the infinity symbol to the puzzle piece). One thing I would say is that unfortunately, the colour blue has strong links to Autism Speaks which is a hate group against autism. So when talking about autism, most of us prefer the colour red as apposed to the colour blue, other then that, this is a really good post!!!!

  • Deckard Eugene Tate

    infinity symbol is the correct one ! just as everyone has said. also I recommend saying “autism awareness” and instead go for “acceptance” just because people know we exist doesn’t do much, we need acceptance not awareness

  • Hope

    I appreciate that Pride Palace wants to support the autistic community, however I ask you use the infinity symbol over the puzzle piece. The puzzle piece is a symbol heavily associated with autism speaks, which despite how they advertise themselves, is a hate group. In addition the puzzle piece implies that autistic people are a puzzle that’s missing a piece. Like we need to be fixed. As a member of the autistic community who was not diagnosed until later in life, I can personally vouch on how harmful it is. I was taught my whole life that autism was a bad thing, a disease. When my psychiatrist told me to be tested I thought I was broken because all I ever knew was what I had heard from Autism Speaks and what I was told regarding the puzzle piece. It took over a year and the help of several friends to realize that there was nothing wrong with being autistic. The puzzle piece is ableist and a bit condescending. We are different, not less. Please use the infinity symbol instead

  • Rachhh

    Please use the infinity symbol not the ableist puzzle piece. I’m personally leaving this comment to amplify the voices of many autistic people I have been learning from but I want to point out that we should all make efforts to stay educated and to listen to the autistic community!

  • chase

    use infinity symbol instead! – ur local autistic lesbian <3

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