World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day
Autism Awareness Day


  • Deckard Eugene Tate

    infinity symbol is the correct one ! just as everyone has said. also I recommend saying “autism awareness” and instead go for “acceptance” just because people know we exist doesn’t do much, we need acceptance not awareness

  • Hope

    I appreciate that Pride Palace wants to support the autistic community, however I ask you use the infinity symbol over the puzzle piece. The puzzle piece is a symbol heavily associated with autism speaks, which despite how they advertise themselves, is a hate group. In addition the puzzle piece implies that autistic people are a puzzle that’s missing a piece. Like we need to be fixed. As a member of the autistic community who was not diagnosed until later in life, I can personally vouch on how harmful it is. I was taught my whole life that autism was a bad thing, a disease. When my psychiatrist told me to be tested I thought I was broken because all I ever knew was what I had heard from Autism Speaks and what I was told regarding the puzzle piece. It took over a year and the help of several friends to realize that there was nothing wrong with being autistic. The puzzle piece is ableist and a bit condescending. We are different, not less. Please use the infinity symbol instead

  • Rachhh

    Please use the infinity symbol not the ableist puzzle piece. I’m personally leaving this comment to amplify the voices of many autistic people I have been learning from but I want to point out that we should all make efforts to stay educated and to listen to the autistic community!

  • chase

    use infinity symbol instead! – ur local autistic lesbian <3

  • Ari

    I would like to just say that the Autism Community doesnt actually accept the puzzle piece as a way to represent ourselves.

    We use an infinity symbol most of the time, as we are not a puzzle to be solved but a group of people with infinite ways of existing.

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