It’s no secret that we all love our pride shirts, flags, and hoodies. By wearing and taking these everywhere, we are making a statement: We are proud of who we are and there is no reason we should hide it. If you are looking for yet another way to make that statement, look no further. Our pride rings feature a small but lovely collection of detailed rings that’ll take your pride statement to the next level.

So, what is a statement ring all about? Statement rings help the wearer portray who they are and visually share a little bit of their personality. A statement ring speaks volumes to the wearer’s boldness, bravery, personality, and flair. Although rings are often a small part of your look, they can be a big overall modifier and brighten your outfit.

Rings can also be worn solo or combined with other jewelry. However you decide to wear them, statement rings can help you showcase your authentic self, especially pride statement rings. With five different styles to choose from, our rings feature a fashionable collection that can help build and increase your confidence. Whether you are gifting yourself or a loved one, a ring can make your look go from zero to one hundred.

By wearing a Pride statement ring, you are not only standing up for yourself but also for the entire LGBTQ+ community. A simple statement ring can add so much to your look, so why not start now? If you are proud of who you are and feel that there is no reason you should hide it, check out our ring collection here!


By Paloma Pinto

David Brothers and Paloma Pinto