Kellie Maloney: Boxing Promoter

From a very young age, I always knew I was different but didn’t know what it was until I read an article by April Ashley. I then realized that I was simply born in the wrong body! I knew I had a female brain, and in my dreams, I pictured myself as a little girl, never a little boy.

Sadly, growing up, acceptance for transgender rights had not evolved to what it is today, so I led most of my life as ‘Jack the Lad’ Frankie Maloney and became one of Britain’s leading boxing managers and promoters. The pinnacle of my career was leading Lenox Lewis to the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. Due to my success in boxing, I felt I couldn’t commit to who I really was for most of my life so I led a lie until I could come to terms with myself and face the truth.

In terms of coming out publicly, I had no choice. So rather than having some opportunistic tabloid journalist manipulating my story beyond my control, I agreed to publish my story in the Sunday Mirror in 2014. I was given full editorial control, which was important because above all else, I wanted to ensure this was not about my sexuality but my gender.

Let me tell you that coming out as transgender to the world is terrifying! As well as worrying about how the public would perceive me (particularly in the boxing profession), I also had to consider the safety of my family, especially my 3 daughters. Fortunately, the reaction was very positive! I received so many comments and messages of support – it felt truly incredible. Finally, a massive weight I had been carrying all these years had now been lifted. 

At the end of the day we are all human. You may not understand what we each go through in life but at least have the decency to respect us a human being.

Published by Nomadic Boys

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