As a lot of you may know, Texas has had a rough past couple of weeks. Its current unprecedented snow storms have left millions without power, desperately seeking warmth and in need of other necessities. One of the groups at highest risk is the homeless population, who are fighting to survive everyday with no place to go.


If there is one thing clear, it is that we must help out.  Luckily, OurCalling has taken up the task, and Pride Palace is using its profits to support it.

OurCalling is a Texas organization working to provide basic needs to the homeless community. 

"At OurCalling, the friends we meet—under bridges, in shelters, and on the street—find more than the basics they need to get by for another day or another week. They find the friendship, encouragement, and motivation to take their first steps toward a new, more sustainable way of living"

Since the start of the storm, OurCalling has led the way in getting these basic needs to people in the streets, but they are in desperate need of resources. Recognizing this, Pride Palace is donating a portion of its profits to OurCalling. If you buy Pride Palace products, you are also giving your money to the cause. Stay safe and let's fight this together!

David Brothers and Paloma Pinto
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