Although everyone in the LGBTQ+ community has a different journey, coming out can be an important and impactful part of anyone’s experience. Pride Palace is so honored that many of you have decided to share your stories with us! When we first began collecting and posting coming out stories, we did not know that our community would feel this comfortable in sharing such personal experiences, and we appreciate that so much. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one experiencing something, and the same goes for coming out. While we know everyone’s situation is different, we thought that sharing the stories and lessons of others could help people who may be struggling to come out. Without any further ado, this #StorySaturday will be featuring Gia, a proud member of the Pride Palace community. 

“Hi! My name is Gia, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m 16,” explained Gia, as she introduced herself. Ever since Gia was a little kid, around 3 years old, she was obsessed with Disney princesses and wearing dresses. Gia’s birthday parties would all be princess themed to honor her wishes. However, once grade school began, Gia was taught that those kinds of things were “inappropriate.” 

Trying to follow what she was taught, Gia dropped all of those things. This last school year, however, Gia kept thinking about being a girl and how happy it would make her. “After MONTHS of thinking about pros and cons, I came out to my friends as trans,” she explained to the Pride Palace team.

After changing her appearance to fit best with how she felt inside, Gia proceeded to come out to her family. To her surprise, they were very supportive. In fact, when we spoke to Gia, it had been the day of her first hormone appointment! Gia shared some advice for anyone who might be in a similar situation: “Always remember to be true to yourself and love yourself for who you are. Never stop being who you want yourself to be, and with enough effort, you’ll become the best version of yourself.”

Pride Palace is beyond proud of Gia for staying true to herself and inspiring others to do the same. If you would like to share your story with us and see your name in one of our blogs, don’t hesitate! Remember you can share your own story by joining our Facebook group or by direct messaging our Instagram page. Happy Saturday, Pride Palace family!

Paloma Pinto