WOWIE! It’s officially been a week since the end of Pride Month and we at Pride Palace have finally had a week to reflect on how truly amazing this pride month was. From our virtual pride event helping Campus Pride raise over $20,000 to our Free Flag sale, we brought together the community and spread so much love this Pride Month.

Here are our top five pride month moments:


On the first day of Pride Month, we posted this post with over 100,000 shares and 80,000+ likes. After that, the Pride Palace community kicked pride month in fashion and continued spreading social media pride. Throughout the rest of the month, we amplified many voices and creators, provided value through educational posts and shared what pride month truly is all about.



Another big highlight of the month was our annual free flag sale. 🏳️‍🌈 We offered our Pride Palace members free flags throughout the month, as long as they paid shipping charges. The shipping charges were calculated so that we could still donate to charity, pay for the cost of the flags and shipping, and fairly pay our team members. Moreover, we released many new flags which became best sellers such as the New Progress Pride Flag and the Human Pride Flag



At Pride Palace, we donate proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations every single month. We took our donations to a whole new level this Pride Month by contributing not just to one, but two organizations - One Pulse Foundation & Campus Pride - and offering TWO $500 scholarships to LGBTQ+ change-makers. When we make these donations, it is thanks to you. Your support makes it all possible!



Another massive highlight of the month occurred on the last day of pride month. We hosted our first-ever Pride Palace virtual fundraiser, which brought our community together for a night of fundraising, an LGBTQ+ college panel, and discussions with multiple special celebrity guests such as RuPaul's Drag Race star Eureka O’Hara, TLC's I am Jazz star Sander Jennings, and activist Hope Giselle. All proceeds from the event benefited Campus Pride, a fantastic organization helping increase diversity, equity, and inclusions across college campuses. 

Did you miss it? You can watch the full 2-hour event hereSpecial thank you to @hopegiselle @tiffanyannecoke @pattayahart @sander_54 @eurekaohara @oliviaklegraefe @king_jey @lukiiepookie for all participating 💗



Last but not least, the top moment of Pride month was the announcement of extending pride month. We decided that Pride Month shouldn't be limited to just one month and that Pride Palace will be celebrating all year-long. So, to kick off our summer full of pride, we have released many new tank tops, pride flags, and even tapestries. Moreover, to continue our track record of providing the best deals to our Pride Palace Community, we are offering our best deal: Buy 1 get 1 50% OFF on all of our Tank Tops and Jerseys. 

Pride Month was AMAZING, and we hope to continue encouraging all people to celebrate pride 365 days a year. Join us as we continue to donate to LGBTQ+ organizations, amplify the community, and of course, encourage everyone to physically show off their pride.

Thank you for being a part of the Pride Palace Community and helping us take steps to change the world!

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Hi i ordered a bunch of flags when they were free and i still haven’t received any of my flags

— Jace

Pride day is a everyday holiday.
Love everybody equally what matter what..💙💙

— Tanya J Richardson

My daughter and grandson are from the community and I stand by anyone that finds love no matter what. Love yous all GB

— Maria

Yay!!! Happy PRIDE forever!!!! Much love y’all!!!! 🌈❤💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

— Isabelle Heart

Yay! Keep being awesome PP 💗

— Callie S

Yay! Keep being awesome PP 💗

— Callie S