Pride Month 2022

Wooot woot! The best month of the year is finally here. Even if you’ve been a part of the Pride Palace community & celebrating pride 365 days a year with us, we all know that June is the best time to pump up the Pride.

At Pride Palace, we have so many different ways we are engaging our community and spreading the love this month - here are a few:

1. Our Pride Palace Scholarship

As an LGBTQ+ apparel company aiming to create a community called our family, our team is dedicated to encouraging people to embrace their pride physically. We believe in amplifying the voices of the LGBTQ+ community as they are all voices that deserve to be heard. One way we are doing this is by donating a percentage of all pride month sales to LGBTQ+ charities!


2. We are offering amazing deals and product offerings all month long

If you haven’t heard yet, we are offering free flags (pay to ship). We hope that the sale will encourage more people to stock up on pride flags and physically display their pride. Get your free pride flag and wave it wherever you go! 


3. Pride Palace Flag Giveaway

Sneak peek time! Looking ahead toward the middle of the month, we plan to do our biggest free flag giveaway yet. To enter, we will be encouraging our entire Pride Palace community to post a picture or video with their pride flag. Lucky entries will win the giveaway and likely be featured on our page.

4. Capital Pride

Last but not least, Pride Palace plans to take part of the pride celebrations in Washington D.C! We will be there on June 12th spreading love, so if you are from Washington or plan on going, Come say hi!

Happy Pride. Be proud to be you and have a fantastic Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

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