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It's Giveaway Time!

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It's Giveaway Time!

Pride Palace is giving away a free Pride Gift Box to the person who posts the best LGBTQ+ meme

The time is finally here! With Pride Month just a few days away, Pride Palace is launching our most creative giveaway yet - The Meme Gift Box Giveaway.

At Pride Palace, we have been celebrating pride 365 days a year but want to help amp up the pride heading into Pride Month. To do this, we have released many new products such as five new flags, the Pride Gift Box, and our “Pride” apparel collection. Even better, we are doing this Meme inspired giveaway to encourage everyone to start posting about pride and creating some laughter heading into the month. So how can you get involved and enter to win the giveaway? Keep reading...

We are giving a FREE Pride Gift Box away to one lucky person who creates the best LGBTQ+-related meme. 

*You may submit as many memes as you want!

*If you don’t feel comfortable posting on your story, you can DM us your submission(s).

The winners will be picked by our team and community solely. Entries will end on 05.30.21. Winners will be announced on 05.31.21. 

Here are some examples of great memes we have created and seen:

 You can find your meme online or create your own.

We are so excited to see what you submit and celebrate Pride Month with you! Enter here


  • i just want to win so i can come out to my whole family and loved ones

    anailys on

  • Heyyy I just wanted to thank you for all this wonderful pride things it really is amazing

    Zoie on

  • If I win I will come out to my dad everyone knows except him lol 😆 it’s not like I will win but who knows 🤪

    Christian on

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