The best Pride Month gift is finally here: Introducing the Pride Palace Bundle!

Rather than going out to get a bunch of different items, our new bundle covers all of your pride month needs in one complete purchase. Think this is too good to be true? Think again:

The main feature items in our Pride Bundle are the 2 Pride Flags. At a normal price of $30 a piece, just the cost of the two flags covers the cost of the entire bundle. The first flag is our best-seller, the LGBTQ+ pride flag and then the next flag is our Peace Rainbow Flag. Hang these, wear these and show them off. Our 3x5 foot pride flags are an amazing way to show off your pride. 

What else? Also, included in the package is our super sweet “Radiate Positivity Hat.” This bucket hat is super comfortable and will have you spreading good vibes all summer long. 

To complement the bucket hat, are some Rainbow Sunglasses. The Rainbow Sunglasses & the Radiate Positivity Bucket Hat will help you block out the sun and look cool doing it. 

Some of the other amazing items in the bundle include multiple pins, a lanyard, and super cool pride palace packaging (Just wait till you receive it to see for yourself ).

At a price of only $49.95, you can have all your single pride items in one purchase. Even better, at a value of $120, the Pride Bundle is a complete steal! So, what are you waiting for? The bundles are limited time and will likely sell out fast... so go get yours today!

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I had no idea this website exited and it’s helped me feel more confident and comfortable in coming out! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

— Bixeual123