Over the years, the meaning of pride has remained solely about sexuality. But as the world goes through significant changes, so has the LGBTQ+ community.

Black Lives Matter has largely changed the way in which people see our society by compelling so many to call out racism. The new Pride flag, which includes black and brown stripes, was designed to represent black and trans people back in 2018.

As the fight against racism jumped to the spotlight, the LGBTQ+ community has had to decide whether to expand the Pride movement to include race. 

In addition, World Pride, an online pride event featuring international celebrities, will also raise awareness on both LGBTQ and black issues, demonstrating that the LGBT is clearly going through a transitional phase.

But there has also been pushback. A sect of the LGBTQ+ community has protested that neither black nor trans issues relate to sexuality, which is what the Pride movement is about. One drag queen even making a poster with a unicorn puking black and brown stripes. 

Regardless, as the flag was designed to portray, progress is at the hear of the LGBTQ movement, and acknowledging the struggle of the black members of the LGBTQ is the ultimate sign that the Pride Movement is moving forward.

In fact, the designer of the flag, Radam Ridwan, specifically made the arrows pointing forward as a symbol for progress, with the left edges representing that there is still a lot of room for change. 

“Refusing the change means the continued promotion of a small number of people within the community as worthy of pride-primarily cis white male homosexuals,” said Ridwan in an interview with Forbes.

The flag, officially known as the Progress Pride Flag, has spiraled up only recently, but it looks as if it is on its way to becoming the official LGBTQ+ flag. Ridwan had this to say:

“Our world is so charged right now and the voices who have been screaming for years are getting louder and louder. We cannot ignore that and must make space for them to be heard. The flag was my way of saying we as a community need to step back and listen.”

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