Big News! Post Street, located in the QMunity District of San Jose, has created its own pride street. Before the designation on September 10, Post Street had been known for being home to Mardi Gras’ very first celebrations and to the Silicon Valley Pride Festival. Today, it has taken another huge step toward creating a more accepting society. 



“I always knew this was a very special street,” said TJ Bruce, the owner of Splash Nightclub, one of the historic LGBTQ businesses on the street.

“This does feel a lot like home for a lot of LGBT people, and I think what’s happening here is going to make this more special.”

If there was an LGBTQ+ Pride World, QMunity District is probably what it would look like. The district contains pride lightning, street art, and murals on the making by a series of artists who volunteered to showcase their work. As you walk along this street, you will find streetlight banners, intersections full of color, sidewalk art, and LED lights hanging in buildings.


The project was organized by Project More, which focuses on LGBTQ+ cultural and advocacy events, and San Jose City Councilman Raul Peralez’s office, Santa Clara County’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs.

“Not only will this new district showcase LGBTQ diversity, expression, talent history, and cultural arts, but it will also be welcoming for LGBTQ and allied businesses, organizations, residences, and visitors of all types,” said Project More President Nathan Svoboda.


After blocking portions of the street to vehicle traffic, they were also able to create space for an open dining area which will include Post Street eateries such as Don Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant and ice cream shops. Moreover, the street has a much more serious history. 

“With this space, we the LGBTQ community in San Jose will not go back to the closets in any literal or metaphorical way,” said Director of Santa Clara County’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs Maribel Martinez. 

As a queer person growing up in East San Jose, she relates to feeling out of place, unsafe, and longing for a community to call home.

 “Instead we will be infused in the heart of downtown, and we will infuse it with hope, justice, and of course, fabulous, revolutionary love.”

Martinez said that at QMunity, she felt at home.



“Qmunity District will showcase LGBTQ+ diversity, expression, talent, history, and cultural arts. The District creates a welcoming space for LGBTQ+ owned and supportive ally businesses, organizations, community groups, residents, and visitors,” said their website. 


Check out their video!

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