Jazmine Hughes is a rising star in journalism, currently holding the position of associate editor and writer at The New York Times. Her insightful commentary, which graces the pages of publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and the New Yorker, is informed by her unique perspective as a queer woman of color.

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, Hughes embarked on her academic journey in a homeschooling environment, alongside her four sisters. Her love for journalism took root at Connecticut College, where she pursued studies in government and creative writing. Stepping into the realm of student journalism during her freshman year, she steadily ascended the ranks, eventually assuming the role of editor in chief in her senior year. Further honing her skills, Hughes secured editorial internships at New York magazine and the New Haven Register from 2011 to 2012. She also earned a certificate in publishing from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Beginning her professional journey as a fact-checker for New York magazine, Hughes found herself one of just two Black employees. Her writing prowess soon shone through, leading to her appointment as a contributing editor for The Hairpin, a prominent women’s blog. In 2014, The Huffington Post recognized one of her blog commentaries as among the 28 essential pieces that every woman should read.

Hughes's work resonates for its accessibility, emotional depth, and wit. Her candid exploration of impostor syndrome garnered particular acclaim. In a bid to amplify visibility and opportunities for professionals from diverse backgrounds, she co-founded the website Writers of Color. This platform serves as a comprehensive database, spotlighting minority writers and their contributions, searchable by location and keywords.

March 2015 marked a significant milestone in Hughes’s career as she joined The New York Times as an associate editor. A few years later, at the age of 26, she embraced her identity as a queer woman. In October 2019, Vogue featured her deeply personal essay as part of its collection, “On Coming Out, Slow and Not Always Steady: 6 Stories.” In her own words, Hughes beautifully encapsulated this transformative experience: “I delightedly rediscovered the new me over and over again. I wanted to change the way I dressed and the way I smelled and the way I carried myself; I needed everyone to treat me exactly the same and yet entirely differently.”

Recognizing her as an "innovative editor" and a "gifted writer," The New York Times elevated Hughes to the role of a full-time metro reporter for the paper and a staff writer for the magazine in 2020.

Among her accolades, Hughes secured a spot on the Forbes list of 30 Under 30 (in the media) in 2018. She received the ASME NEXT Award for Journalists Under 30 in 2020 and earned the esteemed National Magazine Award for profile writing in 2023.

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