Breaking news - Pride has been extended! Pride Palace is celebrating all summer long 🤩

You heard it here first!

Pride Month may be coming to a close, but Pride Palace will be continuing to celebrate pride all summer long! We will be continuing to donate to LGBTQ+ organizations, amplifying the community, and, of course, encouraging everyone to show off their pride physically.

How are we doing this?

To kick off our summer full of pride, we have released many new tank tops, pride flags, and even tapestries. Moreover, to continue on our track record of providing the best deals to our Pride Palace Community, we are introducing NEW Tank Tops and Jerseys. If you are ready to continue the Pride into summer, check out all of our new products! 

The first new product we are offering is meant to encourage all of our pride palace community members to spread love. The “Love is Love” tank top allows you to showcase your passion and radiate positive vibes all around. If you love to love, include this tank as one of your two tanks for the price of one. 




The following two products we have just released incorporate the new progress pride flag, which now includes intersex in its design. Intersex columnist and media personality Valentino Vecchietti designed the latest rendition of the rainbow Pride flag. The flag was officially unveiled by the advocacy group Intersex Equality Rights UK in late May but has spread virally on social media. We love the inclusivity of it, so we have put it on a shirt and are offering it as a flag.  If you love celebrating diversity and all identities, these are perfect products for you! P.s.: If you didn’t know yet... we are still offering FREE pride flags (just pay to ship)


On top of those summer essentials, we are also offering *NEW* Pride Tapestries so our Pride Palace community members can decorate their room with pride. Coming home from a long day in the summer sun, you can lay down below your brand new 8x7 tapestry. We have many designs for different identities and plan to roll out even more over time. Take your pride to the next level and check out our tapestries today! 



So what are you waiting for? Summer has just begun, and we have a ton of new pride products just for you. Join us in celebrating a whole summer of pride! 

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