Happy Father’s Day, Pride Palace community!

Fathers are often the support system of a home. Many dads dedicate their entire lives just to put a smile on their children’s faces. We may not always show our dads the appreciation they deserve, but it is so important to remind them of how much we appreciate them. For these and many more reasons, we celebrate our fathers and thank them for all of their efforts on this special day. To all the amazing dads reading this, thank you for being you! Here are a few of the many reasons why we appreciate you:


      1. Dads help shape us into the people we want to be.

Although our moms bring us into the world, our dads also help shape us into the people we want to become. Fathers raise us and teach us all about life. We ask them for advice and guidance, and they never fail to give it to us. Many times, our fathers can be our role models. Even if you don’t realize it, many of your habits, actions, and passions are likely shaped by your father. Therefore, if possible, make sure to show all the paternal figures in your life a little extra love today.  


      2. Dads are superheroes!

Fathers do anything and everything for their families. How many times have you asked your dad for something and received it? Probably a lot, because they give us everything they can. When you need something, your dad most likely has your back - it’s what they do. Fathers are superheroes in disguise. They can also play an even greater superhero role in the life of someone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. A new study from the Trevor Project shows that just one accepting adult can reduce the risk of suicide attempts by 40%. The acceptance from our fathers can really have an impact on our lives. 


      3. Dads teach us more than we know. 


Dads teach us so much. From the moment we are born, fathers start teaching their children right from wrong. Whether we are learning life lessons or something more hands-on like changing a tire, dads are always teaching us something. 

As you can see, it is important to tell our fathers that we love them every chance we get, not just on Father’s Day. Our fathers have done so much to shape our lives, help us, and inspire us. In case you forgot to get your dad a Father’s Day present or just want to give something more after reading this, check out some of our best gifts such as our human flag and love is the answer hoodie. Thank you to all our father superheroes. Happy Father’s Day to our amazing Pride Palace family!
Paloma Pinto
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