As June arrives, Dallas Pride ignites the city with vibrant colors, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community like no other. The first weekend of June transforms central Texas into a lively hub of friendship, harmony, and pride, marking the beginning of Dallas Pride.

The Origins of Dallas Pride

The inaugural pride parade in Dallas took place in 1972, with 250 to 300 men and women proudly marching through Downtown Dallas. However, the next official Dallas Gay Pride parade didn’t occur until June 1980. In 1983, the parade was moved from June to the third Sunday in September and was renamed the Texas Freedom Parade. By 1991, it became known as the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. In 2019, Dallas Pride officials decided to honor LGBTQ+ month by moving the events back to June, aligning with the commemoration of the Stonewall Uprising.

Modern-Day Dallas Pride

Today, Dallas Gay Pride is one of the most celebrated and widely attended events for the LGBTQ+ community. The festivities kick off with a day filled with music and celebration, culminating in the world-renowned Dallas Pride Parade. This spectacular event features fabulous floats and majestic marchers, painting the streets with a rainbow of joy and unity. It's an experience you won't want to miss.

Diverse Celebrations Within Dallas Pride

Dallas is home to several unique Pride celebrations, each highlighting different aspects of the LGBTQ+ community:

Dallas Black Pride

Dallas Black Pride, also known as DBP or Dallas Southern Pride, is a five-day annual event celebrating the growth and achievements of the black LGBTQ+ community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Since its inception in 1996, approximately 15,000 people participate in the various planned events each year.

Texas Latino Gay Pride

Launched in 2014, the Texas Latino Gay Pride event is held annually in early October in the Oaklawn district. This vibrant celebration honors the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the Latino LGBTQ+ community.

QueerBomb Dallas

Since 2014, QueerBomb Dallas has organized a non-corporate, community-funded Pride rally, march, and party on the last weekend in June. This grassroots event emphasizes inclusivity and community spirit, offering a unique and authentic Pride experience.


Dallas Pride is a dynamic celebration that brings together diverse communities to honor and uplift the LGBTQ+ population. With its rich history and vibrant events, Dallas Pride continues to be a beacon of unity, diversity, and pride for all.

Juana Dantiacq Ricci