Coming Out Story!

Coming Out Story!

Pride Palace is so proud that so many have decided to share their stories so far, and we want to thank you so much. When we started collecting and posting coming out stories, we did not know if our community would feel comfortable sharing such personal experiences. While we know everyone’s situation is different, we thought that sharing the stories and lessons of others could help other people who are struggling to come out. Without further ado, this is the coming out story of Pride Palace member Mackenzie Kolb. Remember you can share your own story by joining our Facebook group or direct messaging our Instagram page.  

Mackenzie came out as bisexual to her mom and brother, and she did it brilliantly.

“I came out as bisexual to my mom and brother on the same day at different times. I told my brother first, as he’s one of the most accepting people I know.”

There is probably no need to mention that coming out can be nerve racking, especially if you think there exists the possibility that some of your family might not accept you. Starting with the ones you know will accept you no matter what is a great way to gain confidence. 

“First I told him a little known fact that Freddie Mercury is bi, then I was like “So... I’m bi too.” He said ‘Wow that’s awesome’ and he didn’t make a super big deal.”

Okay, that’s just really funny. Now, onto the serious part...

“Fast forward to later that night and I told my mom as we were walking our dogs. She asked me how I knew, because I hadn’t had sex with a man yet, how did I know I liked both genders?”

This is a question that so many struggle with when coming out. The obvious fact is that you don't have to sleep with somebody to know you feel an emotional and physical attraction to them. It is also true that that can not be obvious to parents and older family members. So in this case, the best bet is to explain how you feel. 

“At the time I also had a boyfriend, and I broke up with him shortly after coming out because it seemed like he didn’t accept me.”

That is another sad truth you might have to face: There might be those who will not accept you. Just the way Mackenzie decided to block her ex boyfriend out of her life, you can do the same. It is simply not worth it being with someone who does not accept every part of who you are. While it can be a difficult decision to make, it’s for the best.

“I haven’t told my dad yet (they’re divorced) and I’m scared to, because his wife is very conservative and homophobic, and I know he’s not I’m just scared what will happen if I do come out to him.”

Having a homophobic parents is traumatizing for LGBTQ+ individuals. Not being accepted by your own parents is scary, scary thought. We have  hope that Mackenzie’s dad is able to put his beliefs aside for his daughter and realize that being LGBTQ+ does not make you different. 

“Overall, my mom started talking to me about girls and asking which ones I find attractive, which is funny. It’s nice to know I’m accepted in my family, and I wish everyone else was as well. Good luck to everyone planning on coming out!”

Regardless of the struggles she faced in coming out, Mackenzie remains positive and she definitely does not regret coming out. This should be seen as a positive sign for everyone else out there that coming out is worth it, but only when YOU are ready. Go at your own time and don't look back. We thank Mackenzie for her story and we hope to hear yours soon!


Written by David Brothers

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