1. “Pan” is the Latin word for all, and pansexuality represents the attraction for people of all sexes and gender identities. Many pansexuals describe their attraction as one towards personality rather than anything else, and refer to themselves as “gender-blind.”
2. The pansexual pride flag came to prominence very recently, mostly as a result of the internet; It began popping up in websites around the 2010s until it became a cultural symbol.
3. Part of the reason for its popularity is that it distinguished pansexuals from bisexuals. Previously, there was much more misunderstanding as to what differed both, which is that while bisexuals are attracted to all sexualities, pansexuals reject the gender binary and are therefore attracted to people of all genders as well as sexuality. The pansexual pride flag made this distinction clear and increased recognition for pansexuals.
4. The design of the flag is composed of three stripes. The top one, a Solomon-pink represents those who are attracted to females, the bottom bright blue represents the attraction to males, and the yellow in the middle stands for the attraction to non-binary people. 

5. Pansexual celebrities who have raised awareness about pansexuality include Cara Delevingne, Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus, Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie, and Courtney Act. 


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