4 Facts About the Asexual Pride Flag!

4 Facts About the Asexual Pride Flag!

1. Asexuality: Asexuality is a term used by those who identify as lacking sexual attraction to others, or who have a low desire for sex. It is important to distinguish this from not being able to feel romance -a very common misconception. Asexual people maintain amorous relationships just like everyone else!


2. Before the flag there was the triangle...The flag was only recently created in 2010 by a member of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN). But before that, there was another symbol used to represent the asexual community.
“In those days, AVEN was by far the most popular asexuality website. And the most widely known symbol of asexuality was the AVEN triangle,” recalled a member of AVEN. 
“ The triangle was inspired by an old model of asexuality, where the white part represented the heterosexual-to-homosexual spectrum, and the black part represented asexuality. By the time AVEN gained popularity, the model itself was long defunct, but people still had an understanding of what the colors originally meant.”


3.The official flag is created: Finally, in 2010, AVEN held a contest to find an asexual pride flag and they decided on what would become the official flag for asexual people. The design quickly began circulating the internet, not only showing up on websites like Tumblr, blogs, and social media but also being seen in pride parades all across the globe. It didn’t take long for the flag to become the symbol for the entire asexual community.

4. The meaning: 
Each of the flag’s horizontal stripes has a specific meaning:
  • Black represents asexuality.
  • Grey represents the grey area between asexuality and sexuality.
  • White stands for sexuality.
  • Purple signifies community.
“I think history shows that the colors are the most important part of the flag. The horizontal stripes echo the design of other LGBTQ flags, but more importantly, the stripes are just about the simplest conveyance for a color scheme. Early on, many people preferred more complex or ‘interesting’ designs, but it turns out that a simple design empowers us to create infinite mutations."


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