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soooooooooo happy

i love my flag its the BEST!!!!!! im sooo lucky that there is a store that supportes the LGBTQ+ community.

Love this ring!

I wear my ring all the time and everyone loves it! Very high quality and great material, I have had no issues with it leaving residue on my skin like some rings. The colors are bright and there’s been no aging or discoloration either. I wear my ring 24/7 and only take it off to shower/wash dishes/do laundry, really anything that involves water in case of erosion. Definitely a worth while buy!

Progress Pride Flag
lai jaferian

i rlyy like it! it’s more sheer than i thought, but when i put it up it’ll probably be good. it came much faster than i thought! i totally would buy again<3!

Amazing flag, slow shipping

Shipping took about a month or two but the flag is really nice, came with a sticker which I thought was absolutely adorable

Lesbian Pride Flag
Samantha Ackerman
Discreet and colorful

Took it awhile to get get here to me but I was so glad that it Got here. Honestly you'd have better luck on Amazon same exact thing but cheaper spending $7 on the flag it's self and have it get there 1-3 days instead of the 17 days it took to it to get to me

Flag quality is amazing!<3

The progress flag looks really awesome on my wall! The colors are perfect, so is the size and quality.

Gay Flag
Great quality flag!

Overall great quality. I currently have mine hanging on my window.

Non-Binary Pride Flag
Kirra McFadyen

This flag is so incredible and makes my room look so much more colourful, I also ended up getting the progress and pansexual flag as well. This website is so kind!! And the free deals are too much omg! The packaging is also really cute and the sticker included is going on my laptop!! Haha no, but BUY what you makes you happy! I'm proud of everyone who is themselves, and buying these flags just helps build even more confidence!

Good but the sizing is off

TLDR: Order 1-2 sizes larger than you normally wear.

I bought 2 of these in l and xl cause i wanted a comfy one and one to be big and baggy. (I'm a large so i expected the large to fit and xl to be baggy.) The XL kinda fits and the large won't even go over my head. I highly recommend this product but definitely go up a size or 2 from what you usually wear

Pride Frog Flag
Madison Cole

My order arived today the shipping was fast the product is just as described. I love the sticker that came with the order i definitely recommended buying from this site!!!


I love itttttttttt

Bigger than expected

When it came it was WAYYY bigger than I thought it was gonna be definitely worth the long wait

Best flag ever

I’m in love with all the flags here! This was the second flag I bought, and I’m looking to buy two more! Maybe even three or four! They are great quality, and they arrived quickly! Packaging was discreet, and it looks great on my wall! Even though I’m already running out of room to place them, I can’t wait to get some more flags!

Transgender Pride Flag
What do I say when my mom asks "what does it mean?" Do I just say I like the colors? Or what Idk

Idk I haven't bought it I was just asking a question


I got this flag back in April (Near Earth Day) along with two others. Im planning on getting this flag for my boyfriend who recently came out as pan! I am a little disappointed with how long it takes to get the package, but it's worth the wait!

Need bigger sizes

I would have got a ring but your sizes were too small

The best friend hung ever

They are like the best things, I’m going to ask my mom if I can get a gender fluid and Pansexual flag

AMAZING- but also the definition of lesbian includes gender not conforming people, not just women

And also doesn't just include feminine presenting people. Like masc nonbinary people can be lesbians. Clothing or presentation does not determine someone's gender :)

Pride Flag
Shannon Pearsall
About me

Love it


The shipping did take two weeks, BUT the colors are super vibrant and i couldn't have asked for a better one. This was my first purchase from pride palace, and i will definitely buy more!

Omnisexual Flag
Gwendolyn Shuler

I really want this, but it's sold out and I'm super sad. I have yet to figure out how to buy stuff online because I'm 16 and don't have the money for cool stuff like this! I'm trying to save because gas prices are really high now, but maybe if I find a gift card or get money online somehow, I'll be able to get it! I'm sad that it's sold out, but so happy to see that people are becoming more aware of Omnisexuality existence! Thank you! <3

We’re All Human Flag
Susan M Dawes
Perfect flag

Our HUMAN flag got so many compliments when we took it to a local music festival! Everyone loved it! It was the perfect adornment to our tent canopy 🏳️‍🌈


well, one the flag's great but two it said recently bought together and then showed me a picture of the Canadian flag and my first thought was who knew all vampires were so "fruity" not all vampires nick, just the Canadian ones. like the TikTok sound LOL

I love ems

Love love love

Super happy with this ring I wear it every day💜