Paloma Pinto


I’m bisexual and Im owning it

— Melissa

I am a proud Bi teenager I’ve learned to flaunt my flag instead of hide it :)

— Sabrina

I am proud parent of 4 bi kids! Happy Bi Week and big hugs from “Mum”!

— Terrell

I am Bi, mother of transgender male. Happy Bi Week!!

— Liz

My daughter is bisexual. My stepdaughter is lesbian. My son in law is transgender. I love ALL my children. I can’t imagine my life without all the fullness the bring.
Happy Bi Week!!!

— GAY Gammage Dunn

Bi/Pan/Gay guy He/Him/His Never lose the pride in being you.

— Rob

I am bisexual and I’m loving it ❤️

— Cindy

I am bisexual. Happy bi week everyone!!! 💗💜💙

— Ashley

I am gay pansexual, which is in my opinion an extension of bisexuality. Happy bisexual pride week 🏳️‍🌈

— Ryon Bell

I am bisexual and I love this

— Sylvia